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Fit for purpose

The management team and employees are committed to deliver Quality and Assurance throughout each company activities, to ensure that all delivered products operate effectively and are “Fit for purpose”  in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Through a quality testing process policy of systematic monitor and testing elements from early design until obsolescence, van Aalst Group ensures that each company standards of quality are being met.

Van Aalst Group adheres to the different customer’s industry specific requirements and earns customers satisfaction with a high retention level through products delivery, cost control insight in operation expenses and savings, and a skilled and customer focused friendly staff. Pleased with the amount of returning customers, van Aalst Group continues working in close collaboration to unceasingly train the staff at improving their knowledge and level of service and quality.

By offering training services van Aalst Group emphasizes and share quality assurance to customers by communicating ´safety first´ and ensuring that all trained individual are suitably qualified and equipped to match their employers’ expectations. ISO 9001:2008 regulation entitles quality of assemblies, products and components; services related to production; and management, production and inspection processes.

Our team of professionals have successfully helped numerous customers’ increase their production potentials and operational skills whilst still manage to achieve a fast return on investment.

Professional Design

Perfect Documentation

Outstanding Support



Generations of industry know-how, our dedication to deliver sustainable products, our customer focused and market-driven services.

R&D centre

Assuring a competitive edge.

Quality and Assurance

Training of staff at improving their knowledge and level of service and quality.

Training centre

Training that focuses at providing strong value at various levels to individuals in the front line.

Spare parts & After Sales

Fully focussed on your needs and if necessary we will help you to find a tailor made solution for your problems.


Specialised in loading, storage and offloading of the following products:

Dusty and abrasive powders such as: Cement, Barite, Bentonite, Fly ash, etc..
Liquid materials such as: Liquid mud, Fuel, Brine, ORO, etc.
Liquid materials such as: Return mud, Drip water, Drill cuttings, etc.


First quarter 2014 | based on EIA data

Russia - 20%

Saudi Arabia - 19%

United States - 16%

China - 8%

Canada - 7%

Iraq - 7%

Iran - 7%

United Arab Emirates - 6%

Kuwait - 5%

Mexico - 5%