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Smart Innovative Solutions

It is Safeway's mission to deliver "best in class" motion compensated gangway systems to the offshore industry on both rental and purchase basis. We deliver our gangways and associated services globally and wish to be seen as the provider of very safe, efficient and high workability systems for installation on new-build vessels or retro-fitting on existing vessels. Within our company we value human capital and have a strong focus on health, safety and environmental matters.
We see an ongoing and intensifying drive from oil companies to make their offshore operations more cost effective. This is believed to lead to a different approach towards offshore maintenance campaigns reducing the number of chartered in vessels and increase the utilization and versatility of the operational support fleet. The operational support vessel fleet will be utilized in a walk-to-work and accommodation support role. To cope with planning issues caused by ever changing environmental conditions, a step change in workability is required to offer practically year round means of access for offshore workers to the installations. 
 To provide the industry with a Walk-to-Work tool for use on generic vessels not necessarily designed for that task. The system to be fully redundant and able to provide access in adverse weather conditions. The single operator controlled and self-sustained system to be environmentally friendly with low power consumption and emissions. To achieve a high reliability and reduced maintenance cost through condition based monitoring and data logging.