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    Smart Innovative Solutions

PRESS RELEASE July 4, 2020

Dutch Van Aalst Group launches Nortek Services AS

To provide best-in-class preventive and predictive maintenance services, combined with workshop services for...


Semi-subs & Jack-ups

The CargoMaxx Drilling B.V. Drill Cuttings solutions consist of complementary equipment, focused on distributing, storing, circulating and discharging a wide range of Drill Cuttings in a controlled way within a fully enclosed pipe system on drilling units.

CargoMaxx Drilling philosophy:

As the appearance of Drill Cuttings  is unpredictable and well-dependant and varying from dry and sticky clay-like to wet and slurry-like, it requires a very robust pump system as base case for success.

We apply our experience from the concrete industry by using a high pressure piston pump.
The cuttings will be stored under deck in silos. No skips handling required any more.

The CargoMaxx advantages:

  • Simple, safe and reliable pumping through a pipe or hose
  • 100% closed circuit
  • Proven technology
  • Safer storage
  • High discharge rate (75m3 per hour)
  • No crane handling
  • Lower centre of gravity while freeing up valuable deck space

Drill Ships

The CargoMaxx Drilling B.V. Dry Bulk solutions consist of complementary equipment, focused on loading, distributing, storing and discharging a wide range of Dry Bulk products such as cement, barite and bentonite in a controlled way within a smart pipe system on drilling units. 

CargoMaxx Drilling philosophy:

As space is an expenisve commodity on a offshore drilling unit, the use of hull integrated non-pressurized tanks, enables a larger cargo capacity on a smaller footprint.

We apply our experience from the cement carrier industry by using a vacuum-pressure system with re-loaders.

The CargoMaxx advantages:

  • Non-pressurized square storage tanks
  • Tanks integrated in hull structure
  • Proven technology
  • Increased payload per tank
  • High transfer rate possible (200T per hour and more)
  • Integrated cargo control system
  • Re-loader system for continuous flow of product
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